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Freelance Motion Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Character Animator, Video Editor & Sound Composer.

With over 13 years of experience working in corporate and broadcast, I'm passionate about creating visually stunning motion graphics and animations. Explore the portfolio and get in touch for any queries.

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Explainer Video

An informative and engaging explainer video created to simplify complex concepts and communicate them effectively to the target audience. The video combines motion graphics, illustrations, and a compelling script to deliver the message in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand format.
(This project was made for owlinspace - check out more of their work!)


Here's a collection of my favourite projects over the years. Everything shown here is either designed, animated and edited/composed as a freelancer or part of a team. Provided is a list of the production teams & companies who I worked with to produce each of these animations. Follow the links to view more of their work: sdmg, sealfilms, doodledo, coolbox, owlinspace, brandex, thelilyjoproject, frontrow-music

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A comprehensive graphics package designed for a broadcast project, including lower thirds, transitions, and on-screen graphics. The package enhances the visual appeal of the broadcast content and ensures a consistent and professional look throughout the production.
(This project was made for coolbox - check out more of their work!)

Character Animation

A lively and expressive character animation created to bring a story or concept to life. Whether it's a mascot for a brand, a character for an animated series, or a promotional video with a charismatic protagonist, character animation adds personality and charm to any project.
(This project was made as part of the team at doodledo - check out more of their work!)

An eye-catching and informative motion graphic infographic designed to present data, statistics, or complex information in a visually appealing and engaging way. The combination of motion, typography, and visuals makes the information easily digestible and memorable for the audience.
(This project was made for sealfilms - check out more of their work!)

Sound Design

A seamless integration of sound and visuals, creating an immersive experience for the audience. From background music and sound effects to voiceovers and audio editing, the right sound design enhances the overall impact and storytelling of a video production.

During the process of making this video as part of the team at doodledo, I was tasked with conveying the emotions of the speakers through an evolving soundscape.

Follow the link to check out some more of doodledo's amazing work.



Hi! I'm Andy.

Based in Stockport (Greater Manchester), and I've been working in the Motion Graphics industry for over 13 years.
If you or your company are ever; over capacity, in need of a helping hand, or looking to use animation or sound design as part of your next promotional campaign, then please get in touch!


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